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 Oh, hello. My name is Kuro. Read this if you want.

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Kuro Honda

Kuro Honda

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PostSubject: Oh, hello. My name is Kuro. Read this if you want.   September 15th 2013, 12:12 am

Country/Province/State/City: Japan
Human First and Last Name: Kuro Honda
Appearance:  Dark hair like his 1p counterpart, though his is more of a reddish-black.
Typically wears black clothes
Has dark red eyes

Doesn't get along with many of the other nations (Many because of grudges)
Can anger quickly
Doesn't attempt to hide his interest in Hentai- has been said to even have a BDSM side
Is un-entergetic and apathetic about things
Has been described as a deliquent

Role-Play Sample:

((I hope this is long enough ))

Kuro sat on his front porch, watching as a bird flew over his head. Smoke trailed from his lips and the cigarette in his hand was the only light on this dreary, overcast morning. Inside his house was a desk piled high with work, and in his mailbox, just a few yards away, were more letters to respond to- work that Kuro didn't care to do and letters from people that Kuro didn't care to talk to. Of course, eventually he would have to- but not at this moment.
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Oh, hello. My name is Kuro. Read this if you want.
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