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 World Meeting (30/08/2013)

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Arthur Kirkland
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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 5th 2013, 9:29 am

It was only when Greece begun to speak, that he immediately tuned in to hear what he was speaking about. Worldwide failure? Arthur was definitely a skeptic. Raising himself up in confrontation, he crossed his arms and stared directly at the Greek nation. "I doubt very highly that there is such a thing occurring. After all, we're doing decently enough where I'm from. Rather than beginning with an introduction barely acceptable at a sixth form, you should just tell us what is wrong so we can suggest ideas."

Last time he was in a meeting on Greece's land, things hadn't gone over so well. The topic was obviously the collapse of the Greek market. At that particular moment, he was all about trying to give them assistance, but unfortunately, due to some rather nasty moves and comments, he's rescinded most help and respect for them (professionally). "If it's about you and money, I am leaving right now." To say that it was rude of him to just call out the host was an understatement. As it seemed however, he was quite irritated already. Working himself up towards something he still didn't know yet was unhealthy. And rather horrid, considering that he was usually the second to last person to blow up over an issue. Continuing to stare down at the man, he would go on to say more. "Besides, if this were truly an important issue, the G8 would have heard of it and tried to do something already. I feel there's something dodgy about your intentions." More understatements. Arthur refused to take a seat until he received the answers he wanted.


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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 5th 2013, 11:50 am

Genieveve was still asleep in her hotel room by the time the meeting started. She had a hard time sleeping last night Beacuse she had so many thought rushing though her head that she could not get any sleep. And she eventualy woke up and noticed the time. 3..2..1. Geniveve noticed the time and shreaked. "Oh goodness! I'm late! Im shure there is praticaly chaos going on without me there!!.." she said quickly getting dress and fixing her hair into her usual braid. Then she quickly aplyed some make-up on her face and Puted on her glasses and grabed her breifcase and ran to the building where they were going to meet. Athens was apparently normal to her since the weather reminded her of the weather back in Monte Carlo. Many thoughts went.though her head as she ran and got closer to the building. 'Was everyone ok?..' 'Is Francis ok?..' were some of thoses thoughts. She eventualy got to the bulding and stood outside of the door and then she took deap breath and puted on her usual stern like face and opened the door and quickly went to her seat and sat down silently while listing to the last of what Heracles said. And she pulled out her briefcase and sat it on her table.
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Anneliese Edelstein
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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 5th 2013, 3:48 pm

She scowled at Heracles words, almost immediately nodding at the retort from Arthur, biting down on her lip. "Are you certain you aren't being over-dramatic?" Eyebrow raised, the lanky Austrian huffed, folding her arms, tempted to rise to her feet. "I doubt, the fate of the planet won't be decided only by us, and if somehow bother to compromise for once. We have bosses- those who make the biggest choices."

Anneliese sighed now, shaking her head, a curl tickling her nose until she sneezed. "Pardon me... But, what sort of issue does this even concern?"

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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 7th 2013, 9:04 pm

Toris huffed along the hallways, making turns here and there, trying to find the meeting room. Finally he spotted the large doors and quietly opened them, looking around. "Sveiki, am I late?" He asked quietly.
He stepped inside quickly and slid into his seat swiftly, seeing that Heracles had started already. He sat stiff in his chair and glanced around, hoping he hadn't missed anything too important.
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Tino Väinämöinen
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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 8th 2013, 4:39 am

If one listened closely, they may or may not have heard the endearing sound of loud footsteps landing on the floor in a frantic flurry. Not long after these sounds were followed by a loud thump, and the door flew open to reveal a panicky looking young man.
Yes, this young man was the ever-glorious personification of Finland - better known as Tino to close friends and associates - of whom was obviously late and looking very sorry for it.

He could have come up with any number of excuses for his tardiness; alarm clock breaking, the neighbour's dog keeping him up all night, the dreaded rush hour traffic jam, etc...
Yet the truth was that he had been chatting to the receptionist for a very long while. Since he tended to get along rather well with people, and be hardly one to mind the time, he'd managed to fall an entire hour behind schedule. His original plan was to arrive there half-an-hour early so he'd have a chance to get some work done and organise his things, maybe even grab a coffee if he finished up quick. Sadly all that opportunity was gone to waste at this point.
''Hello! I'm here!'' he exclaimed, probably a little too loudly, and messily clutched the pile of unorganised papers very close to his chest. He stumbled as he tried to walk without loosening his grip on the fickle pages, and ended up unloading them onto the table in the way one would unload garbadge into a dumptruck. Keeping his eyes trained on the ground now, the flustered man took a seat and sheepishly cleared his throat before he ended up making another disturbance.


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Matthew Williams
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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 8th 2013, 9:50 pm

When more and more people began to appear into the meeting hall, Matthew began to feel more and more off to the side and..well, invisible. The feeling of being ignored by others at these world meetings wasn't something that he entirely minded because of all the varying people present, it was more or less when he got excluded from the G8 meetings or any other smaller groups, then he would become upset. He sighed quietly to himself and opened a small notebook and picked up his red ink pen to occupy himself by doodling some fluttering maple leaves on the side of the page.

It was only a few minutes until the silence was broken, and Greece began to speak in regards to the meeting. Matthew sat up straight, and prepared himself for the typical nonsense that usually weaved its way into the topic.. though this ordeal in particular worried Matthew, unlike the other stuff that usually goes on. It seemed unbelievable that the nations may cost a billion or more lives, but coming from a calm and wise Greek mind, it was scarily believable.. Being the second largest country in the world, the Canadian representative's face drained of colour. If this was as serious as it seemed, he would likely be a huge part in whatever was going on.

Matthew brought a hand up to his mouth and sank back into his chair. He didn't want to get worked up, but as the thought set into his head, he felt himself become extremely worried for whatever Heracles was talking about, even though no details were disclosed. Matthew continued to let his mind wander in the thoughts of whatever chaos that was in store to wipe out a huge population, and quickly glanced around at everyone in the room who didn't seem as concerned.

One man's reaction in particular caught Matthew's attention the most, though his reaction was not out of character for his personality. England, of course, had stuck up a strong front, and seemed to take things as lightly as possible. Matthew sat back up straight and tried to compose himself, though his concern for Greece's words had still been obvious in his demeanor. "E-England.. Maybe you should let Greece continue eh?" He said quietly to the Englishman, hoping they were sitting close enough that he would actually hear him. "I mean.. I'm sure he wouldn't gather us all because of his country's financial state, then say that billions of lives are at stake.." Not to mention mythology and gods and all of that.. What if something was..going on. Matthew let out a silent sigh and rested back in his chair then looked over to the host of the meeting. He sure hoped to get an explanation on all of this soon, or his nerves would defiantly get the best of him.

((That was longer than what I thought it would be.. /shot ))


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Eduard Von Bock


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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 14th 2013, 6:28 pm

A cold sweat began flowing from the Estonian's pores. If this plan doesn't work...the whole planet will - we'll fail the whole planet? What kind of catastrophic plan is this? Maybe incredible would suit the situation better, since their host did say...Actually, he didn't mention anything greater than a neutral outcome. How will this affect the lives of the dear, precious citizens inhabiting the earth? What even were the fundamentals of this plan?

Even while worrying so much that the Estonian man's stomach turned with grief, his face remained stoic. Elbows to the tabletop and fingers knit together to create a hammock for his chin, Eduard tried to organize the many strands of thought flinging themselves around inside of his head. Sharply inhaling, he straightened his spine and folded his hands neatly in his lap.

There had to be good reasoning for this. He trusted Hercules, and, also, the world wasn't a place to be deemed 'perfect' or 'pure'. Maybe a change would be good, but he still didn't know what the plan was, and whether it would be a success. He couldn't bear to let anything horrible happen to his citizens...but it could improve their lives.

"Could you please explain your plan, Hercules?" Eduard spoke up and looked at the host. "It seems to be one that requires immense thought. I'd like to know what it is about before making a hasty decision because, after all, you did say that it would affect billions of lives."
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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   September 15th 2013, 8:49 am

Late. Late, oh so very late. Honestly, Costas hadn't planned on being late, but his boss had called him in for a 'talk', which meant he was going to yell at him for his inability to deal with Turkey. After that, he'd pretty much sprinted to the meeting, glancing at the clock he knew it was already started. Which meant the minute he opened this door they were going to stare.

Steeling himself for this, he pulled open the door, stepping inside quickly and shutting it. "Signomi." He mumbled, hurrying to his usual seat, and sitting down, trying to ignore the fact everyone was taring and this was not good and someone really, really, needed to take the attention off of him. Eventually though, the attention shifted and he leaned over to the nation beside him, asking politely, "Excuse me...what have I missed?"
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PostSubject: Re: World Meeting (30/08/2013)   

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World Meeting (30/08/2013)
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