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 Ciao Italy here! mew~

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Feliciano Vargas


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PostSubject: Ciao Italy here! mew~   January 10th 2014, 8:17 pm

Out-Of-Character: ((Hey~ this is Matt's admin~ I was hatin' on the depressin' character that I see Matt as so I asked Greece's admin if I can be neko Italy and I can~ I love all pairings and ships...unless it involves children like Sealand...I don't like that stuff...um...I like to have fun but sometimes I'm just really...I get depressed cause of things, sorry))

Country: North Italy
Name: Feliciano Vargas
Appearance Differences since this is neko:
Has two little cat ears that match his hair color and a tail that matches; his right ear has a white tip on it while his tail has white and black strips on it; his hair and the fur on his tail is generally more shaggy than normal Italy's hair; tends to where baggy clothes to allow for his tail to swing around more freely; wears paws on his hands to hide their awkward shape: furry fingers that end with claws he can retract while the back and palm of his hand, barely has any fur covering it

Role-Play Sample:
In a happy village somewhere in the northern half of Italy, a young boy by the name of Feliciano was walking brightly. He had recently visited his brother, who had kicked him out but that didn't bother him, and now was on his way back home. The closer he got to his home, the less bounce he had in his step. His parents had kicked him out as soon as they could because they hated that he had been born a...freak... He tried to push tears out of his eyes as he thought of his parents. They had died in a car accident shortly after he had been kicked out and he had just wished that they had told him that they loved him. He kept his tail and ears hidden as he looked around quietly.

Soon arriving at the villa that had been his parents, he let his tail relax and his ears pop up. Finally alone, he started crying softly. He hated crying in front of others, his parents had always hated when he cried and it had continued to affect him through his life. Felicaino whimpered softly and tried to wipe the tears away. His tail twitched as he cried as did his ears, showing how upset he was that no one liked him.

Feliciano slowly stopped crying and began to walk to the pool that the villa had in the back. He stripped to nothing before slowly sinking into the water to relax. He had no one that checked up on him so no one would see him. He laid back, letting the water relax his muscles before slowly beginning to swim, wanting to calm his emotions and nerves. He began to float on his back, yawning sleepily as he started to become drowsy.
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Ciao Italy here! mew~
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