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 Unexpected Family Meeting

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Im Eun-sun
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PostSubject: Unexpected Family Meeting    December 11th 2013, 8:12 am

((Welp this is a rp with hyung (north korea/Greece/2p!greece) and I about the rp idea we had a long arse time ago- ))

The flight to China was fast and smooth, as usual, Eun-Sun thinks to herself as her high heels clack against the hard ground with every step, her eyes covered by sunglasses with a small pout written on her lips.

She, Im Eun-Sun, the female personification representing The Republic of Korea, landed in China with her guards surrounding her, careful to not burst her personal bubble (as usual, she thinks to herself, though the thought isn’t pleasant at all). Eun-Sun grumbles under her breath (something about how suffocating she felt) with her one hard gripping on her rolling luggage as its wheels quietly rolled against the ground. Her legs felt heavy, the steps she took feeling like someone throwing bricks at her to prevent her from getting to the heard of China, and she definitely didn’t want to get there anyway.

It wasn’t like she hated China or anything. In fact, most of her people outside the country lived there, and she was happy to know that her people are willing to escape their comforting country to make money out of themselves to be satisfied with the amount of money they make (though she wonders if her people would ever miss her country once in a while). It was just.. Eun-Sun would just... hesitate to meet her eldest brother of the Asian family.

Yes, she loved him with all her family love, but she just didn’t want to have a slightest chance to meet her other brother who would just cause her painful feelings just from the thought of his presence. Maybe she wasn’t like her male encounter because she sure as hell won’t hold in her emotions when she sees him.

With a deep frown and a sigh, Eun-Sun halts into a stop, turning around to face her guards. “If you would excuse me, I would like to go to China oppa’s house, before the meetings begin,” she states, glancing between the guards to read the time. “I have plenty of time, you see. And I would like some privacy, so you guys should, I dunno, have a break, if you wouldn’t mind.”

As soon as those words escape her lips, the Korean quickly starts to walk, her free hand reaching for her messenger bag hung loosely on her shoulder, taking out a phone to preserve a car ride.

Today is going to be a long day, she thinks, but at least she could have some free time before the dreadful meeting.

Not long later, Eun-Sun steps out of her, thanking her driver for the car ride as she takes out her luggage out of the trunk. Her luggage rolls uncomfortably against the bumpy road, and Eun-Sun would carelessly trip once in a while, as walking on the dirt road wasn’t her forte. She pushes her sunglasses above her forehead, a small pout on her lips as she decide to carry her luggage on the small route to her oppa’s house.

The only part she would hate about going to her brother’s house is the fact that somewhere on the way to the house, you just have to walk.

Maybe China oppa can hear my voice if I yell out his name, she mutters to herself. Sweat starts to roll down her face slowly at first, and she huffs out in desperation. Not soon after, the Korean starts to yell her brother’s name, sitting on the luggage, doodling on the floor with a tree twig she found. “Oppa! I know you’re there! Come out and help me!”

((whoops did I overdo with the intro-))


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Unexpected Family Meeting
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