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 Angel/Demon AU

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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Angel/Demon AU   November 7th 2013, 2:02 pm

~WARNING! This was put in the mature section for possible gore and sexual themes.~
[ This is an Angel/Demon AU roleplay. I'm going to try and make the introduction short so that this won't be such a long post.

There are demons of sins (lust, pride, etc.) and there are angels of virtues (chastity, temperance, etc) which can of course be ones besides the seven deadly sins/heavenly virtues if necessary.
The demons try to torment a human into madness using their given evil nature. The angels will try to prevent this from happening, as well as increase the human's strength to their aspect.
You may RP as a human, a demon, or an angel. The setting is entirely up to you.
Their appearance is also entirely up to you. However I like to imagine that the demons or angels take on a 'human form', but their 'true form' is something completely abnormal (with things like horns or wings or long tongues and all that).

An angel or demon may lose their status as either one, depending on how bad they fucked up. Falling in love with a human is an example of what will get rid of their position. If they lose their status as an angel/demon they will be banished from Heaven/Hell and be forced to eternally roam the earth in their raw form.
Oh, and it's of course possible for there to be more than one Angel or Demon of a certain sin or virtue. ]


Secrets are meant to be kept. And what better place to store all evidence of a secret than a clandestine passageway running between two brothels?
Pride is an important and, inevitably, prominent aspect of human nature. Only the proudest and stupidest of human fools would dare perform their dirty work between the uninhabited walls of the two most miserable institutions in existence. Only the most conceited of peoples would indulge their long preserved lust in the shadiest part of the darkest town, where no word of what happened beyond those unseen borders escaped any lips.

There was a sense of narcissism that hung in the air surrounding the buildings that night, and it attracted the attention of a particularly hungry brute who sought to find the root of the foul, prideful stench that purged the cold autumn wind.
A man with dark hair and violaceous eyes in appearance leaned just slightly against the jagged wall outside one of the cat-houses, his cashmere suit firmly pressed and his black dress shoes shining from the acid orange streetlamp nearby. His eyes flickered behind the silver frames of his glasses, which also caught off the aforementioned light and gleamed.

He looked conspicuously out of place to his dreary surroundings - the stained cobblestone and suspiciously curtained houses and garbage littered streets - nevertheless he seemed perfectly at ease, although there was an unnaturally watchful spark in his gaze (such of was partially veiled by lowered eyelids and long black lashes). He may have appeared relaxed to the shallow glance of a by-passer, yet internally the demon was struggling to keep himself under control. The scent of a victim was strong in that area, and having gone for several months without anything to eat had left him in a rather unnerved state.

Clearly his hunger had taken the best from him, as he normally would prefer to linger near the more, say, dignified areas. However no matter where the demon went there was always another of his kind with a different value lurking about. For example, banks were among his favourite places to loiter, but there was almost always a demon of greed prowling nearby.
And of all the demons that Roderich tended to get along with least of all, they were the sloth.
He did not in fact have much trouble with the demons of lust, but he would probably even get along with them on borderline friendly terms if they would stop trying to get the attention of each other as well as the humans.
However the area in which he stood seemed to have no other of his kind around, and that was a good sign; well, almost, as there might be an angel around who had chased them off. Should he encounter one of those angels, he would indeed have a more demanding time trying to pry them away for he was weakened with his lack of food.
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Ludwig Beilschmidt


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PostSubject: Re: Angel/Demon AU   November 10th 2013, 12:50 pm

[ Hopefully this response isn't too utterly disgraceful. ]
Dim was the night, one could say, and the musty air that seemed to dance beneath the failing glints of light from the moon seemed more bitter than usual. A foul stench hung around, lingering on the walls that were lined with commiserable moss, which sagged under its own clumped weight.

One gathering of small, insignificant plants in particular seemed to have captivated a certain male’s attention. Soon enough he halted his observations, plucked a small amount of the moss away from the wall which it had clung onto desperately and crushed it between two fingers, silently watching as pieces of it fell onto his hand and some even daring to slip between the fabric of his sleeve and his clear skin.

The excess was tossed aside and he returned his eyes to the murky street on which he stood. He wasn’t exactly bothered by the idea of bacteria and grime slipping between the grooves on the base of his shoes, and so the atmosphere and physical state of the area wasn’t bothersome enough for him to want to leave immediately. However, he had no valid reason to really be there. Hunger didn’t inconvenience or burden him at this particular moment in time, but in all honesty it rarely did.

Another scent, a note above the wretched air, seemed to come to him, and he found himself raising his chin as if to better identify it. It was faint, to say the least, and so only a small part of him demanded enlightenment on the source, and from what he could tell it was some form of living being. It was nothing that was... appealing, per-se. It could be another of the sins, which he would hardly be delighted about, or a virtue, an even less appreciated presence.

As far as the values of sin went, he got along with few. Those such as the gluttons, the sloth and the prideful seemed to irritate him to no end, as they were either acting as though they were far too good for others of their kind or having complaints about one thing or another. Lusts, as many of the demons would agree, were just pathetic, as they seemed both needy and useless while gathering some form of distasteful reputation. As far as the others went, he didn’t exactly yearn for their company but they were easy enough to bear.

A yawn slipped free of his lips as boredom began to take hold. Life like this held no ways of amusement for oneself, although he didn’t desire means of occupation all that much. Nevertheless, it caused Ludwig to decide that he would inspect the scent’s source, after all.

And so he walked.

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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Re: Angel/Demon AU   November 10th 2013, 1:50 pm

To the limited span of a human's senses, the unstable air may or may not have shifted in the slightest - they probably wouldn't know and therefore they most certainly wouldn't care. However to that of a demon's scathing perception, one would have easily identified a great disturbance in the otherwise fruitless atmosphere. Having done as such the brunet shifted uneasily from his position against the wall and stood to attention, frozen in place as his eyes fleetingly examined his surroundings for signs of another being. Deciding that there was nothing to be found as of then, the demon switched his stance back to the lackadaisical position against the bumpy wall with no real fear in his thoughts, although he had become far more alert. The intruder was obviously venturing nearer with each passing moment, and although it began to trouble the already unsettled creature it did not break past his cool outward composure. It certainly wouldn't do for him to appear in any way desperate, after all.

Although he was beginning to slowly but surely develop into a state of frenzy with his lack of nourishment. There had been a spell of bad luck all throughout the past couple of months for the pride demons, and it began to eat away at Roderich's stability. Sooner or later he'd probably have to resort to an attempt at making an unplanned attack on some weak soul, perhaps to tear up their flimsy bodies and manually drink every sinful thought that had ever crossed their mind concerning egoistical mannerisms. Of course this would almost always prove to be hardly be satisfactory at all, but beggars cannot be choosers.

Such thoughts caused the deprived male to lick his lips in anticipation, who was growing more restless by entertaining such visions in his mind. In an attempt to block his head from such tempting daydreams, he abruptly began to walk down the shadowed road and follow the stench that had alerted his senses minutes prior.

It did not take long for Roderich to sight his target - the broad shoulders and stiff gait and familiar smell identified the other male almost immediately.
His upper lip almost naturally curled into a habitual sneer, cold eyes gleaming with a derisively amused light at the apparent spectacle of the other demon's existence. They stood not less than ten feet apart from each other, and yet the night was so perturbingly quiet that even then the soft, thickly accented voice could be heard clearly through the bitter ambiance.

''Good evening.''
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PostSubject: Re: Angel/Demon AU   

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Angel/Demon AU
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