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 Viking fem!Norway x anyone RP

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PostSubject: Viking fem!Norway x anyone RP    September 25th 2013, 6:01 pm

*stands in the snow, wind blowing past her delicate face as she stares ahead of herself, sighing softly and observed the burning village. She knew the country was going to declare war on here and she was ready to fight whoever was going to come at her*
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PostSubject: Re: Viking fem!Norway x anyone RP    September 26th 2013, 10:17 am

She walked up behind the Norwegian, and spoke a bit too loudly for her own liking, "So what 're y' plannin' now, Nor? Jus' wait on 'em to com' an' start'a fight?" She was honestly a bit curious to know what Norway thought burning a village would do. Other than of course start a fight, and Marie couldn't lie, she had done her fair share of bad things in this time. Including a lot more than burning villages, but she shrugged it off quickly, and rested a hand on the younger Nations shoulder, "Good job, eh?" she said, proudly grinning wide. She takes a deep breath, "Y' ready ta fight when they come?"
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Viking fem!Norway x anyone RP
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